Are you drowning under your debt?

Have you considered filing for bankruptcy?

You might be wondering what options can help your financial situation and whether bankruptcy is really the answer. There are many ways that the bankruptcy process can help!

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Our book, Are You Considering Bankruptcy, can answer all your questions and help you prepare for the process!

Theron Morrison

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Attorney Theron Morrison, is the owner, founder, and president of the largest bankruptcy and consumer protection firm in the State of Utah. In 2004, Theron created this firm based upon a solid and unassailable foundation of trust, sincerity, and compassion.

He reinforced this framework with the genuine desire and commitment to present and provide an unparalleled caliber of legal services to those in need. He personally characterizes this firm’s mission and purpose with an exceptional devotion to a visibly unique brand of dedication and quality. This statement of belief ensures that each and every client seeking his professional guidance and expertise also receives a level of service that is unmatched in the legal profession as a whole, and in the complex field of bankruptcy law in particular.

Now Offering for Free. My book, Are You Considering Bankruptcy? , is my FREE gift to you! It is important to have some of your concerns and questions answered, and this book will help you to feel confident about your decision for debt relief.

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If you are considering bankruptcy there is some important information you need to know.

Most important things you'll learn with my book

  • Discover some of the reasons people file for bankruptcy, you aren't alone!
  • Learn about the types of bankruptcy cases and how they benefit you!
  • Find out how your home and possessions can be protected in bankruptcy, your assets and funds aren't necessarily at risk!
  • Uncover the secrets debt collectors are hiding from you! That's right, debt collectors are hiding vital information about your debts! Why? Because they want to collect money!
  • Identify ways to make your case a success, like why working with an experienced bankruptcy attorney is critical to the outcome of your case!

The bottom line is that your financial future is at stake! Don't waste time or money by not knowing the process inside and out.


More than 2,000 clients have trusted us. Here's what a few of them have to say...


- Todd C.

The Morrison Law Office was very knowledgeable concerning my situation. I would recommend them to anyone who needs legal advice. Theron was good to deal with and very friendly. I could tell he has been doing this for a long time. I got along with his staff and felt they were very friendly and knowledgeable as well. They always picked up the phone and were ready to help if I needed anything. I was very happy with the whole outfit and would highly recommend them to my friends and family.


- Scott V.

I was at lost with my financial needs during the time I had lost my job. I was able to find a new one but bills payment kept on getting paid late. I was looking for someone or something that could help or aide me in this stressfull situation. A friend had recommended going to consult someone from Theron D. Morrison's office. I found a solution that bancruptcy could be a viable option for me. They were able to explain to me things that I could do to help me go through this. And this has helped me a lot.


- Kendra D.

These guys were pretty great. After my bankruptcy was done they told me all sorts of ways to rebuild my credit and they even went after two creditors who were still reporting negative and got them to change it in less than 3 weeks! Can't thank you guys enough, I've already gained 120 points because of your help.


- Jim S.

After my wife lost her job and my hours were cut we couldn't pay our bills. The bill collectors kept calling and we finally had enough. My wife met with Theron and finally convinced me to go. After we met I knew it was right for my my family. They made us feel important and the process was smooth. Thanks Theron and your entire staff.


- Josh S.

I Found the Perfect Solution to End my Credit Card Worries. I have been having sleepless nights about the calls i have been receiving over my credit card debts and due dates. Luckily i found my perfect solution with the help of Attorney Morrison! He put an end to my worries and help me learn my different options of having a sound financial standing by discussing in details what i need to know. If you too are having trouble sleeping because of your piling debts and credit concerns, do not endure another troubling night tossing and turning. Just make an appointment with Attorney Morrison and start fresh and new.


- Ben M.

I was very impressed with how knowledgeable the staff is at The Morrison Law Office. I felt that their main concern was that I understood the process and I knew what to expect. I have done my research and now I know how this firm became #1 in the state.

Debt relief doesn't have to be overwhelming! In fact, its waiting for you just around the corner. This book will give you the insight you need to get started on the path to financial freedom!

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